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The Changing Face of Music

Throughout the decades, the definition of music has changed. Originally, jazz, classical and gospel music were among the more popular contenders. Pieces that were more instrumentally involved were what was hip. However, with time as with everything, the perception of what was “hip” or “trendy” changed as did the evolution of music. Hip-hop, rap, dance, rock and pop music became the most favored blends.

A survey taken by just over a hundred people on the Quinnipiac premises shows what interests people in music or brings their attention to an artist or group. For fifty-eight (58%) percent of the responses, it was a pretty simple, flat out answer that if the artist was in the genre they preferred, it was easy to take a liking to them if they were decent anyway. Thirty percent (30%) said they liked hearing music with a fresh, unique and different beat. One commented, “It’s nice to hear something every now and then that doesn’t sound like all the other crap you hear on the radio.” The rest of the responses were between hearing about the band/artist through someone (11%) or because the publicity surrounding them was everywhere – televisions, radios, posters et cetera.

Another question was geared towards the responses on the status of music today. There were a variety of intriguing answers. One responded, “I feel like the 90s was the time of dark, grunge rock music and the start of the ‘gangsta’ rap movement. Now, it’s a freefall. You got anything from light, happy Taylor Swift to vulgar, thug life Lil’ Wayne“. One of the general thoughts was that anything goes these days and any genre could make bank – it was just all about hitting it at the right time.

The final question consisted of what big artist is currently changing music and who would be the biggest artist this year. The main choices included Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Young Money (headed by Lil’ Wayne and Drake), Rihanna, The Black Eyed Peas, Taylor Swift, Usher and Ke$ha among others.

An overwhelming amount of responses, fifty-eight percent (58%), were geared towards Lady Gaga, who’s been making waves for a couple years now with her eccentric, untamed world that knows no bounds. A responder said, “I think she’s all shock value. Many people are drawn to her because she does such unexpected things.” Old school still rules though as a decent percent, fourteen percent (14%), also chose Jay-Z. One remarked, “He’s been around for what? Twenty years? And he’s still coming out with fresh beats, undeniable flow and just produces gold.” Rihanna was also a favorite with ten percent (10%), as she became a role model for women everywhere after her highly publicized troubles and her fourth album, Rated R, is doing quite well. “She’s so mature and strong for handling everything the way she did”, one female responded. Other response includes Ke$ha with five percent (5%), who’s had breezy club beats about getting overly drunk, like “Tik Tok” and “Blah, Blah, Blah” and Drake, who tied with Jay-Z (14%), who after a year and half long of making waves is finally dropping his Thank Me Later album, including singles “Over” and “Fall For Your Type“.

The survey showed that getting into a band is as simple as liking the beats or hearing about them on the television. As well, music is constantly being molded into something different as many of the top artists out today are showing. It takes all kinds to come together and make the industry successful.


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